Software developer, CS Undergrad @ FAST-NUCES.

OpenCV is an open-source computer vision library that uses machine learning algorithms for face detection, object tracking or colors detection. In this blog post, we’ll learn how to use the Haar Cascade algorithm to detect faces and eyes in an image or real-time video. Let’s dive in.


  • Capture the…

I’ve been using Ubuntu as my primary operating system for more than two years now. If you are comfortable with the command line, you can learn a lot of different skills very quickly and with minimal hassle. In this blog, I have shared the list of 20 basic Linux commands…

Last week I was laying in bed trying to sleep but then I had this weird thought of why do I always start anything new with Hello World? Not only that, I always find other programmers typing Hello World as the first example in any programming language. I remembered I…

Bilal K.

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