Python is so powerful!

Usually, we can only view the downloaded web page but what if you want to automate or you want to extract the TSLA stock price every other minute? Yes, it is possible to do it manually but this way is too time-consuming, not scalable, and highly not recommended. That’s where web scraping comes to help us gather and use valuable data that isn’t always available via APIs.

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In this post, we’ll learn how to use BeautifulSoup…

You build a stunning portfolio website and now want to showcase your work to the world. You know some amazing platforms like AWS, Azure, and Bluehost for hosting but you’re tight on budget and looking for something extremely cheap as low as $0. How does this sounds? Hosting a website for free? Yes, you heard it right. You can deploy your static website for free and this is a how-to guide for hosting website on GITHUB PAGES with a custom domain for free. It’s easy and won’t take more than more than 10 minutes.

1- Create a new Repository

Create a new repository with your…

tldr; Buy some bitcoin and do not under any circumstances try to sell it.

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Let me take you back to 2018, I always want to make quick money. I saved some money to start some side hustle, to make some passive income. I had few options, start an eCommerce store, buy the stocks of top-performing companies or invest in some mutual funds. But there was a problem, I was under 18 and there are so many restrictions for the teenagers willing to invest internationally.

One day, I was scrolling Reddit and found a post about how someone made millions when…

Python turns 30 this week :)

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Python turns 30 this week and it’s a fun way to celebrate the birthday by documenting different string formats tricks in a form of a blog.

In this post, we’ll learn good practices for String formatting. There are two available options, one is using format() while in the second one “%” operator is used to formatting a set of variables enclosed in a “tuple”, along with a format string, which contains normal text together with “argument specifiers”. Let’s dive into the code.

1- String Formatting using % operator and format()

The code we see everywhere to print goes like this.

x= 24

Python is so powerful. The popularity and growth of Python is increasing day by day. Not only that, it’s easy to learn and use. What makes it unique is hundreds of open source python libraries and framework. In this post, we explore Flask, a micro and light weight web framework that you can use to save your time and effort by providing the required functionality.

We’ll start by installing the required libraries to start working with Flask and end by writing our all time favorite program “Hello World”. Let’s dive in.

Requirements and Setup.

1- Install virtualenv.

python3 -m pip install --user virtualenv

Python is so powerful!

This is the second article of my web scraping guide. In the first article,I showed how to use BeautifulSoup & Requests to perform a quick and effective web-scraping for TSLA Stock Price Alert, an email was automatically generated to notify the price drop.

Scraping the single pages using beautiful soup is easy but what if you want to scrap the multiple pages at a time or want to automate this process? Yes, it is possible to do it manually but this way is too time-consuming, not scalable, and highly not recommended.

Image Credits: Real Python

In this post, we’ll learn…

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The list of books that I read in 2020. Excited for what 2021 holds for me.

1- Atomic Habits — James Clear (Link)

2- The Moment Of Lift — Melinda Gates (Link)

3- Barking up the wrong tree — Eric Barker (Link)

4- 11 Life Lessons from Nelson Mandela — Ndaba Mandela (Link)

5- 21 Lessons for the 21st century — Yuval Noah Harari (Link)

6- Start With Why — Simon Sinek (Link)

7- When Breath Becomes Air — Paul Kalanithi (Link)

8- 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos — Jordan Peterson (Link)

9- Ego is the Enemy…

All you need is a VM and some basic knowledge of Linux.

Anyone who captures your IP address can access what you’ve been searching on the internet and where you were located. A virtual private network famously known as VPN helps you to be completely anonymous on the internet, gives you online privacy by creating a private network from a public internet connection.

You might think Why do you need a VPN when there are already thousands of VPN service providers offering free and premium services on one click. …

As we all know, our world is facing huge challenges to fight with the novel coronavirus. The whole world is currently in a shut down state and all the students are studying full time from home. Studying full time from home with 100% motivation and 0% procrastination is a challenging job. So this time I tried something new, I committed myself publicly to a campaign #100DaysofCode. For next 100 days, I have to code for at least one hour and update my progress publicly. …

Reading is a skill and everyone should learn how to develop it.

Finishing one book every week is a desire of every person but there is no doubt in that we are so busy that we can get the time to scroll Facebook but don’t get the time to read the book. A study shows a person only reads from 4 books to 12 books every year whereas a CEO or a Billionaire read at least 55 books every year.

You might be thinking Why do I need to Read fast? Most of the people think reading fast is inversely…

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